Welcome to the global network of powerful women!

My name is Marissa Brendel.

Since 7 years I have been very successful worldwide as Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach for Women.
I coached and empowered many exceptional business women!
Since 2016, I am building different networks of powerful women in different cities all over the world. The GLOBAL BUSINESS WOMEN NETWORK (GBWN) is an international movement of female entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and professionals.

A platform for bold, enthusiastic, curious and open-minded women from all over the world. We meet to share our businesses, ideas, projects and experiences in a safe environment, built valuable connections, engage actively to grow, support each other and of course - to enjoy our time together and have fun!


Not all connections should happen online.

Join one of our upcoming events, where we bring together amazing women and get to known inspiring female leaders.


Built a global presence.

Each networking event is an ingenious opportunity to promote yourself and build valuable connections for the future.

Every woman is welcome - no matter which age, origin, stage of life. Join and present yourself, your business/service, your ideas, or even showcase/perform live if you want.


We host events in different metropoles.

Check the upcoming dates and locations here or send us an email to info@marissabrendel.com

Let yourself be inspired.
Every event is different.
We will take care of your wellbeing. Let us surprise you.


I am looking forward to welcoming and meeting you!


Your Marissa Brendel (Organizer & GBWN Host)


The next GBWN event will be:

Special Edition in Palma!

Dear Business Ladies, Female Entrepreneurs, Professional Women - YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR next event!

"Business Women Meet-up in Palma de Mallorca"

on Tuesday, the 25th of June 2019 at 7 pm.
Join to meet, connect, relax and enjoy a fun evening with other

interesting women from/in Palma.


I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU to a "round-table networking session" with max 10 other business women.

We will meet in a relaxed ambience, have a glass of wine and connect through exchanging our ideas, experiences, future projects and what we need to make it happen. My intent is to keep this evening intimate and built valuable relations which florish in the future.

*The evening is limited to 10 women only*

- BE PART of this experience of combining BUSINESS and PLEASURE!

Tickets and Event Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/636915126792004/

19,00 €